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Interactive Design | 2017


Radiation Photo Booth / Installation

Our Team : Anna Kwong  /  May Lam  /  Aries Lam  / Mandy Cheng
Website :

Event: Final Year Group Project *

Radiation existed everywhere, even in the air or inside our bodies. It travels through space, appear around our living environment. However, we cannot feel the radiation, by any human senses.Fashion is a kind of culture and a trend which used to exist. We know it is beautiful, but we can't see it. Fashion keep changing and always affecting us in life.

We hope that RADIGRAPHY could change people's impression on radiation. By visualizing radiation to remind humans that invisible radiation is everywhere and it's affecting us.

radigraphy video

concept video

Videographer : Anna Kwong  /  Aries Lam


In this world, people can’t see radiation or even don’t care about it. However, radiation exists in our life, and everywhere in the earth. Radiation acts as a trend, surround our life, influence our daily life.

Moreover, we are influenced by the trend, and we are changing it. The Mannequin believes that Radiation has same characteristics with Fashion. It surrounds us and affects our daily life. She wants to tell us what she can see about Radiation through her eyes. Therefore, the Mannequin dress up herself with Fashion and shows what she see. Her clothes keep flowing like Fashion keep changing through time. Fashion is her clothes — Imaginary but attractive.




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