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Art Work | 2015

CD [ in the tram 01:35 ]

Sound Art Work
Artist : Aries Lam
​About : Trams and Chun Yeung Street


春秧街的電車穿過,因為覆蓋著行人和供應商,從北站路電車,右轉進入狹窄的春秧街的電車司機必須不斷響起“叮”的道路,以提醒行人躲閃,在 人群中慢慢轉發在市場上的東端右轉進入糖水道,北角,到達電車總站。
CD "In The Tram" record the sound of 01:35 pm on Chun Yeung Street . 9 sound of Chun Yeung Street include the logal shop, people or the tram. The tram is unique in HongKong. the tram goes through the street in middle.the road covered with pedestrians and vendors. The tram must drive slowly in the crowd. So Tram would be the best medium to keep memories.

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